Grow Local Businesses and Diversify Our Economy


Vote YES on 2B

To bring local businesses, local jobs, and local revenue.

The redevelopment of the Grand Junction River District will bring economic diversity and vibrance to our community. Through public / private partnerships, commercial ventures and park amenities, the Riverfront project benefits everyone. However, businesses that want to bring good jobs and support our community need to protect their investments, which cannot happen with the City Charter’s current 25-year land lease.

What It Means

Grand Junction is built on community and our outstanding quality of life. We love the river and want the River District to succeed.  To do so we need to Vote Yes on Measure 2B. As a community, we need to cultivate support for the businesses who want to develop, grow, and bring good, life-loving jobs to Grand Junction. Let’s continue to grow an area of our city we’ve already invested in.


How It Works

By modifying the City Charter, specific to the 28-acres in and adjacent to Las Colonias Business Park to include a 99-year land lease, means banks are more willing to back businesses who want to support the Grand Junction community. This way, their investment in Grand Junction is secured and long-lasting.


Measure 2B only applies to 28-acres of the River District that is already zoned for business development.

The Land Lease only applies to the lease of the land. The lease of the building lies with the business owner.

A 99-year land lease is simply about protecting private investment and bringing good jobs.

Changing the city charter will help strengthen our economy without additional taxes.

When we rally our Grand Junction spirit and support these new and local companies, we support our community.

The River District isn’t only about business. It’s about recreation and furthering our love for the Colorado outdoors.