Grow Local Businesses and Diversify Our Economy

What Is Measure 2B?

Measure 2B proposes a change the Grand Junction City Charter, increasing the current 25-year land lease to 99-years. It applies exclusively to 28-acres of the River District at Las Colonias Business Park.

What does a “Yes” on Measure 2B mean?

A “Yes” on Measure 2B means that you are voting to support changing the land lease for in and adjacent to the Las Colonias Business Park from 25 years to 99 years, thereby supporting the Grand Junction business and outdoor recreation community. We’ll see more businesses developing, bringing jobs, and thriving in the River District. We’ll also see the River Front Project successfully be completed.

What is a land lease?

A land lease provides land development rights for a specific period, when that time is up the ownership rights go back to the landowner. Usually with the opportunity to renew at the end of that period but not guaranteed.

Can't investors just purchase the land?

Because the land is the site of a former uranium mill tailings mitigation project and was conveyed to the city by the Department of Energy with numerous environmental covenants. Leasing prime riverfront property made the most sense until the lease terms became an obstacle to landing tenants.

What is a 99-year land lease?

A 99-year lease protects a businesses’ investment in the land, guaranteeing they have control over that land for 99-years.

Why 99 Years?

Banks consider a 99-year lease the same as a purchase.  They are comfortable financing a $4M building on a 99-year lease because they will be paid back long before the land lease terminates. e

Does Measure 2B impact all of Grand Junction?

No, this measure is specific to the 28-acres in and adjacent to the Las Colonias Business Park that is already zoned for commercial development.

Where is the River District?

The River District is located off Riverside Parkway in Grand Junction, it includes the Las Colonias Business Park, Las Colonias Amphitheater and the River Front Project.

Does it increase taxes? // What does it cost voters?

No, Measure 2B does not cost voters or increase taxes. It only amends the Grand Junction City Charter to increase length of time a developer can lease the land at Las Colonias Business Park.

Why should voters care?

Measure 2B protects private investors so that businesses can thrive, celebrating the Grand Junction community and providing jobs! Plus, it will help secure the success and completion of the River District, an area Grand Junction has already invested in.

Why is a 99-year land lease important to the community?

A 99-year lease would reduce the risk involved for banks and private investors, allowing more opportunity for people to develop in the River District, bringing good jobs in recreation and technology that diversify our economy.

Where does Measure 2B apply?

It applies specifically to the 28-acre Las Colonias Business Park in the Grand Junction River District.

Who can vote on Measure 2B?

 Only City of Grand Junction residents will be able to vote on this measure.

Does Measure 2B bring jobs?

Yes, Measure 2B secures investments for an extended period of time so that businesses have the ability to thrive in our community. This will bring diverse jobs in recreation and technology, helping relieve job loss we’ve seen in the oil & gas field. 

Is it safe to build on an old uranium mill site?

In 1997, the Department of Energy remediated the site and gave it to the city of Grand Junction. The land is tested every five years, was tested during the construction of the park, and is clean.

The groundwater has not been disturbed as this site is on the city water system. That is not because of the mill tailings, but because of “non-milling related contamination”.

The report from the US Department of Energy identifies Las Colonias Park is clean and safe.